About LifeSprings

Our values, mission, and vision encompass all of our services that we provide:

life coaching, business coaching, guest speaking, and counseling.

As a team, we embody these core values. Through our client approach, we facilitate healing, resilience, restoration, and growth through our core values.

Value Statement 

    Core Values 

    1. Christian faith 
    2. Integrity 
    3. Holistic
    4. Diversity 
    5. Strengths Based 
    6. Goal Oriented and Strategic 
    7. Evidence Based Theories and Interventions 
    8. Genuine and Empathic
    9. Joy
    10. Courage


Vision – Our What, How, and Why

To promote the discovery of purpose and strengths through embracing holistic wellness practices that promote healing, healthy relationships, as well as personal and professional growth. 

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